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Paying the restaurant bill without going through the till: the idea of a 30-year-old Italian man

December 28, 2022

It must have happened to you too, on your lunch break, to take 30 minutes to eat a quick dish and maybe have a chat with a colleague and then stand in line for 20 minutes to pay. Or to end up in the final shambles in front of the cash register, typical of pizza with friends on a Saturday night, when you can no longer tell who paid and how much.

B4i - Bocconi for Innovation

Qodeup, The Qrcode Revolution for restaurants, closes a Seed Round from €2.5 Million with Techshop

December 28, 2022

Milan, Oct. 13, 2022-The Techshop SGR announces the finalization of a Seed investment in Qodeup, an innovative startup that has launched a QRCode-based software suite for the restaurant industry. The suite includes two products: a dynamic, multilingual digital menu delivered in SaaS mode…

Il Sole 24 Ore

Qodeup, 2.5 million seed round led by Techshop

December 28, 2022

Qodeup, an innovative startup launching a QRCode-based software suite for the restaurant industry, has closed a €2.5 million seed funding round. The deal is led by Techshop Primo as lead investor, alongside FoodBrand…
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