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The innovative menu that reinvents the customer experience at the restaurant and increases your turnover

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How it works for you

1. Receive access credentials to your menu
After signing the agreement, you will receive access credentials to your menu
2. Display your menu
After receiving your menu, we will enter it on Qodeup (you can do this later on your own)
3. Get QR codes
Your QR codes are ready and you receive them at the address you specified
4. Train the staff
You and your staff receive a training session to make the most of all Qodeup’s features
5. You are on board Qodeup
Simplify and improve the experience of customers and all your staff

How it works
for your customers

1. Your customer frames the QR code and browses the menu available in 100 languages thanks to artificial intelligence-based translation
2. Filter the menu by allergen in case of allergies or intolerances
3. Your customer is ready to enjoy your restaurant’s dishes

Digital menu for everyone

Qodeup increases your turnover and optimises waiting times for customers
Customisable graphics

You can customise the interface so that the graphic elements can really tell who you are

Translated into 100 languages

Attracting tourist customers to your venue

Allergen filter

Indispensable for filtering options according to intolerances, allergies or dietary requirements

Real-time updates

You can edit the name and price of dishes, hide a dish or add images and videos

Friend of the Planet

Save on printing costs and thanks to you we plant a tree to make the planet greener

So many ways to respect the planet

No more paper: thanks to the digital menu Qodeup reduces paper waste

No reprinting: for each new change, there is no need to reprint the menu

A tree for every customer: for every new customer we plant a tree because we believe in a sustainable future