Pay directly from the table with a click

The fastest and most convenient payment method: you have zero fixed costs and zero strings attached

How it works for you

1. Create your Qodeup account
After signing up, you can create your Qodeup account from the comfort of your home by providing your business data to receive payments
2. Get QR codes
Send us the table nomenclature of your restaurant, choose the type of QR code you prefer (you can choose between a free proposal or create a customised one for a fee) and receive them at the address you indicate
3. Train the staff
You and your staff receive a training session to make the most of all Qodeup’s features
4. You are on board with Qodeup
Cut waiting times, maximise turnover, motivate and retain your staff, and acquire more customers (yes, your customers will love it!).

How it works for your customers

1. Your customer scans the QR Code placed on the table
2. View the account directly on their smartphone
3. They choose whether to pay the bill for themself, for someone else or for the whole table or to divide it equally with all the diners going Dutch
4. They choose whether to tip waiters as a show of appreciation for the service
5. Your customer pays the bill from their smartphone with a tap, choosing between Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay or Apple Pay

Pay with QR for everyone

Qodeup saves you time and money by turning your customers' smartphone into a POS
What Qodeup does for you

Qodeup does not need to connect to any management system, it does everything by itself

Waiters with an extra tip

Qodeup encourages one-click tipping and reduces staff turnover

Never alone with Qodeup

A dedicated Customer Service Manager takes care of you at all times


Transparent commissions, zero fixed costs and zero ties forever

Real-time data

Qodeup manages payments autonomously by providing you with a customised dashboard

Nature's ally

For every new customer Qodeup plants a tree, making the planet greener

No app, only Qodeup

No need to download an app or create an account, your customer only needs a smartphone

Secure payments with eyes closed

The customer pays with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay or Apple Pay

Skip the Line

The customer pays quickly from the table, without having to wait for the waiter

Many ways to pay

With Qodeup your customer pays for themself, for all or go Dutch
Pay for yourself: after viewing the bill from their smartphone, your customer chooses to pay only their share
Pay for all: your customer wants to celebrate and decides to pay the bill for everyone
Go Dutch: diners split the bill equally