Ristorante Vittoria: happiness is measured by a QR code!

Ristorante Vittoria was born in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, in 1924. This restaurant is a magic place where family spirit and a focus on innovation become the themes of a venue that concentrates on quality and emotions. Here, the steaming dishes of “timballo ascolano” and “agnello marchigiano” cooked by Daniele and his mom, are served by Marco, Eugenio, Tony, Elisa.
In this unique atmosphere there is only one rule: amaze and thrill customers. To do that, Daniele and his family not only serve a wide range of fresh and wholesome dishes, but also… Qodeup!
Thanks to our QR code payment, the restaurant staff simplified and improved the customer experience, increased the efficiency of the restaurant, and boosted restaurant sales.
We had a coffee with Daniele, the restaurant owner.

Hi Daniele, my friends and I want to dine at your restaurant. How does Qodeup work?

Well, one of our waiters greet you, and sit you down. Your experience with Qodeup starts right now!
QR codes are printed on dining tables, paper placemats and bread holder. They are so easy to use! You scan the QR code to browse the menu. Once you enjoy our best-selling dessert, “cremini all’ascolana” (fried cream), you can pay the bill.
Scan the QR code again, and choose to pay for your half, pay the bill in full or go Dutch. Choose your payment method (credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay) and leave a tip if you want. You paid in 10 seconds. Now, you can leave the restaurant for a walk. 
Nothing could be simpler, quicker or more valuable to me and my staff! We login to our Qodeup dashboard at any device monitoring payments. That’s all!
P.S. No app! You don’t have to install any app on your device… We too!

What do guests think of Qodeup?

Our usual customers love Qodeup! New customers always have the same reaction: “Really? Can I pay with QR codes?”. Our staff knows exactly what to do: they show the QR code to be scanned. That’s all!
I will tell you something else. Just a while ago a new customer left this review:
“…I would like to say something about the payment method. You can pay at the table by entering your credit card information as if you were buying online. You can even go Dutch! I haven’t seen anything like it! It’s so easy! In short, it was a great experience! I will come here again!”.
Amaze and thrill customers is what I love about my job!

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